I am a Multidisciplinary Design student at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Architecture and Planning. My area of study within the MDD program is physical product design, and I also plan completing my digital product requirements during my undergrad. I am passionate about architectural design, design and build, and physical product design.
Through my first three years of being in the design program I have become much more in tune with my process and the personal stamp that I am able to incorporate into every project. I have been fortunate to work on some exciting projects within my studios and most recently was given the opportunity to work with the International Rescue Committee.
A design philosophy that I try to adhere to in my projects is up-cycling materials. I have a strong belief that as a society we let too many products that can be re-used go to waste. In my most recent project with the IRC this philosophy was shown with an up-cycled shipping container, and as a side project for the last year I have been experimenting with reclaimed redwood to build modern farmhouse benches. (pictured below).
Phone: 650-704-9921
Email: ericmaser98@gmail.com
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